Too much heat

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Evolution has brought us through a long journey. From a time where people used to enjoy reading books under a candle light to an era of digital screen flashing 24x7.   If you bring back someone who died some 10 decades ago to this day, I am quite sure that he/she would die instantly just by looking around and inhaling all the pollution.

Of course, not everything is that bad because some issues have been made pretty easy to handle these days with many advances in technology.   Nobody, including myself, even bothers to calculate a medium sized sum in my head since I have a mobile phone with a calculator app inside.   However, there are some critical issues which have gone from good directly to worse.

Look at the rising cost of 5 basic living needs such as food, shelter, clothes, safety and health.   In every single one of them, you can see that the prices have increased. Most notably in the need for shelter and health.   Unless, you are living in a third world economy, health costs are really really astronomical.   The bill that you have to clear from just a normal medical checkup to getting a surgery.   It's not so much that you have to pay to the doctor but more to all the costs involving the operation of that clinic or hospital.   And yes, that also counts utility bills.   They are all included in your bill.   As for shelter, I don't think I have to tell you how much expensive it is to get a house these days especially if you are living in a small first world country.

But these don't hurt so much as the fact that tertiary education has become more of a luxury product.  It is one of the most stupid thing that is happening in this era.   I believe that the fee, universities around the world are charging just to groom a student is ridiculous and filled with greed.   I believe that education in this age is supposed to be the most affordable since it is something that is noble and opens a path towards a better living.   What is the point of charging such an astronomical figure for facilities that student never bother to use.   The most important thing that I myself as a student seek from a unviersity is a good interaction with my tutor/lecturer and have a great understanding on the topic that I want to learn.   Other than that, I would also have no problem paying for the library membership and everything related to it provided that I get a wealth of good resources that I want.   Besides that, I think universities charging for unrelated stuffs like health fee, insurance, recreation facilities, etc., are absolutely ridiculous.   Paying for something that I don't even get to use due to overcrowding is really not fair.

Eight years or so ago, if you had a professional Diploma, you could easily survive but these days Degree has become the Diploma and Masters has become the Degree. Not sure what's going to become of Ph.D eight more years from now.   The problem itself is rooted in the upbringing of a child these days where kids are taught to follow the herd and the moment he/she enters the classroom, they need to go through various forms of peer pressure in fields other than academics.

Some people chase money to feed themselves and their family members while some chase money to queue outside iPhone stores overnight to showoff the next day.   Extrememly funny things happen every hour these days as people get more and more lost in the chase for products they don't even need.

In the end, what pains the human race most is the fact that education is going to become a luxury product soon and the next generation is going to go through some deep crap and that's a certainity.