Life at Broadcom

me at brcm

Its been 3 months since I joined Broadcom as an intern. It has been going on well so far and I have really been able to dive deep into some real world applicable coding skills. With the completion of every single assignment, I become more and more satisfied with the work I do and with every step, of coz it helps me gain more confidence.

The people at the company are fantastic. Everyone is cooperative and tries to help each other without hiding or being secretive. Since we are all working towards one goal of connecting everything everywhere, it makes sense for the company to build around this culture.

My supervisor is a really patient lady and is always wiling to help and explain as many times as I ask her about something I don't understand. I guess she already knows by now that I don't pretend since when I don't understand something, I surely ask her again and again.

My manager is a cool type of person and he knows how to manage his team well. He's very open minded and always willing to give a hand. It's been really fun working with him. He can observe how his team is doing from a high level and when it comes to team meeting, he makes sure that everyone is carrying out their own tasks well. I like his style of management. Reminds me of Ancelotti at Real Madrid but with flatter tummy of coz.

Work life is quite different from academics. Unlike at university, where you bother too much about your grades, works get done at professional level since we work for something as a group with people always being cooperative. Not just to compete solely for grades.

So far so good and by December, I intend to gather enough memory of my internship so that I can look back at the things I have done during my final year back at NTU.

I also got the chance to participate in Raspberry Pi Workshop as a guide. That is also quite some good memory I have.

me at brcm workshop day